Solving Your Last Mile Problems

We make it easier, faster, and less-costly to connect with and manage your delivery partners.

Provide the Ultimate
Delivery Experience

Reduce Shipping Costs
Up to 30%

Optimize Your Backoffice &
Customer Service Costs

Wasted Time, Poor Service, and High Costs are Hurting Your Business!Drowning Your Business!Strangling Your Business!Squelching Your Business!

• Are you tired of losing business due to poor last mile user experience?

• Frustrated that customer service costs are high due to chasing data?

• Anxious to lower last mile costs?

Headache-Free Shipping from Start to Finish

See It All

Win more business by improving customer’s last mile visibility, vehicle locations, updated ETAs and real-time delivery data. Measure the performance of your last mile carriers to ensure your customers get the critical information they need when they need it

Efficient Engagement

Take the middle-man out. Engage your preferred network directly. Automate the communication with your carrier partners.


Enjoy real-time data exchange using a single integration to communicate with your last mile partners with monitoring and triggered alerts when necessary. Automate the financial settlement through audits and invoice reconciliation. No need for phone calls or email exchanges constantly asking for updates on status.

It's Easy to Get Started

Identify last mile carriers with which you wish to partner. Bring existing relationships to be integrated or allow 5 String to introduce you to their network.
Connection your system and the 5 String Bridge Enables orders to be passed to your network and retrieve status updates via a single integration.
Begin transmitting and retrieving data with your connected network of carriers. Set up KPIs. Enjoy the “control tower” affect using our robust dashboards.

We make it easier, faster, and less-costly to connect with and manage your delivery partners.

More Visibility into Every ShipmentMore Methods of IntegrationMore Mult-Leg Options

  • Real-time status monitoring and alerts to insure status updates are never missed
  • A Curated referral network of last mile carriers, makes your carrier network immensely stronger.
  • More methods of integration than any other solution.
  • The strongest data integration: our Data Flow Monitor ensures statuses are transmitted when needed and alerts if there is a problem.

"5 String Solutions Has Become a Trusted Advocate to World's Finest Chocolate"


“5 String Solutions have become a trusted advocate to World's Finest Chocolate. They have share insight into the final mile industry, offered courier ideas and provided thought leadership regarding connectivity at all levels between carriers and our company."

Todd Peterson
World's Finest Chocolate



We look forward to showing you what 5 String can do to save you time and money! You’ll be glad you did!